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TurboWork is a lifecycle management solution for maintenance and logistics organizations for use on ship or shore. It enables reduced manning, increased efficiency and operational readiness for planned, corrective and predictive maintenance.
  • Enable shipboard maintenance actions
  • Reduce training time and cost
  • Reuse work that happened before
  • Desktop or Mobile deployment
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The right information at the right time
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From Departments to the shore
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Browser based, open architecture
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Analyze effect of work as it is performed
TurboWork takes a human-centric approach toward optimized maintenance performance by integrating people with data and systems. Based on this work, Beacon was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from US Fleet Forces Command of the US Navy for our work on building and delivering TurboWork. In part, it was for “the outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of the Beacon Interactive Systems Team…(which are) in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service”.
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