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T3 - Technology Transition Tool
Ensuring the best technology reaches our warfighters is at the heart of the Science & Technology Community and specifically the Navy SBIR program.  T3, the Technology Transition Tool, manages the challenges inherent in bringing innovative technology solutions from a conceptual need to reality.
  • Identify the most critical Science & Technology Needs
  • Securely engage across departments and organizations
  • Informed decision-making with data at your fingertips
  • Manage day-to-day work without email and spreadsheets
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Everyone contributes throughout process
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Configure and track between teams for on-time delivery
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Know what to do when, where and how with a history of why
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Knowledge Creation
People knowledge is captured for future use
"We just completed the board meeting, went amazingly well, all in thanks to you and your team's efforts!  Many of the folks in the room have much more SBIR experience than me, and have seen T3 develop over time - they all had nothing but great things to say of the current T3 operating system."

- NAVAIR SBIR Program Office
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