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SEAS - Shipboard Energy Assessment System
The Shipboard Energy Assessment System (SEAS) is an energy management system that gathers operational data in order to provide a near real-time onboard energy picture informing shipboard decision-making to include what energy was expended and why. This presents to decision-makers such as the Commanding Officer a visual situational awareness of the ship's operational energy condition.
  • Delivers real-time energy awareness to increase range, endurance and time on station
  • Gives analysis and recommendations for speed and redundancy
  • Presents energy impact of shipboard actions
  • Provides operational data for shore-based activities
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Data Aggregation
Sensor, Logging and Actions
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Algorithms on ship performance
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Decisions based on “What if” analysis
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What to do for energy assurance
SEAS, when connected to sensor and manual logging, is a system that is continually aggregating and analyzing Operational Data. This is a rich set of data combining operating conditions, actions taken, mission, environment, and equipment condition. It can be used in real time to perform analysis onboard ship for in-the-moment situational awareness and mission readiness decisions. It can also be used on the shore by a wide variety of decision makers and third party systems. Whether for decisions on acquisition, budgeting and allocation, logistics, shipbuilding or S&T investments, data from ship operations helps to inform.
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