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eTagOut, developed in conjunction with Navy Doctrine for shipboard maintenance safety, is an easy-to-use solution for the Maintainer. eTagOut moves a user step-by-step through the safety tag-out process, from planning to hanging and clearing to auditing. Users are able to create safety tags for all types of conditions including Danger and Caution.
  • Built to meet the Navy’s Tag-out User Manual
  • Meets Fleet Information Security Requirements
  • Integration to Navy Programs of Record
  • Operate in stand alone or connected environments
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Reuse tag setup to save time and money
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A single tag for multiple work jobs
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Security is based on users and roles
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Online visibility to tagging and work status
With eTagOut, planners are able to reuse previous work. Once a complex tag-out is created, it can be used the next time the same work is accomplished. This can save hundreds of work hours, especially on large and complex equipment.

Begun as a Navy SBIR Topic, eTagOut garnered Beacon the prestigious Roland Tibbets award.
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