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eLogBook revolutionizes the U.S. Navy's shipboard logging process by converting manual paper logs to electronic logs. This "Smart" logging capability provides situational awareness and cross-log integration for watch standers and decision makers not available in the current manual system.
  • Replace paper logs and reduce administration
  • Improve speed, accuracy and standardization
  • Provide immediate access to a wealth of information
  • Create context for short and long term decision making
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Menu-driven for accuracy
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Easy to use and enter
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Logbooks linked
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Data can speak to the ship
eLogBook is a web-based software platform that creates a plug and play framework capability so that all log data created onboard ship is easily accessible across logs and to other systems.   Data from electronic Deck Logs, Engineering Logs, Combat Systems Logs and Daily Fuel, Oil & Water is aggregated into one easy-to-use place. By deploying a single software platform for logging, organizations benefit from increased entry speed, accuracy and contextually relevant data for maintenance, operational decision-making and ongoing lifecycle management.
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