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SEAS Receives Navy Program Designation March 06, 2017
SEAS, the Shipboard Energy Assessment System, has received its official entry in DADMS, the Department of the Navy's Applications and Database Management System.  DADMS is the registry of Navy and USMC systems and as such is the authoritative source for Navy IT applications and databases.  SEAS has been determined to be part of the Navy's Logistics & Readiness Family of Systems.

SEAS is an algorithmic software platform that collects, consolidates, stores, processes, and presents data related to and impacted by energy for shipboard energy managers, users, and decision makers.  It interfaces with multiple federated afloat and ashore systems to collect the data necessary to aggregate, analyze, advise, and act on energy need, availability and consumption.

SEAS provides shipboard users with near real-time decision-making knowledge, access to raw data and information onboard ship and acts as a source of operational data for shore-based systems.  Utilizing a broad dataset both automated and manually created, SEAS uses advanced analytics in order to provide tactical and operational situational awareness.  Through a series of data visualizations and tools, users are able to understand the current, past and future energy picture of a single ship or a group of ships.  SEAS presents recommendations and logs actions taken, enabling users to plan and act on actual performance data informed by qualitative analysis.  SEAS does this by connecting every-day decisions and actions to the energy impact on the ship, down to individual equipment.  These recommendations, whether to take a maintenance action, change an engine lineup or rework a tactical policy, are intended to increase awareness of energy need, production and consumption within the parameters of mission, event, safety, and policy. 

SEAS as an operational and tactical solution will, over time, be targeted at changing human behavior by providing new insight into how decisions impact energy use.  Data from SEAS can be used ashore for activities such as the Fleet Energy Conservation Dashboard, Mission Planning, Navy Doctrine, Policies & Procedures, and S&T Investment Analysis.

SEAS is a successful transitions of SBIR developed technology.  SBIR is the Federal Government's seed investment fund; the Small Business Innovation Research Program.