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eLogBook Receives Navy Program Designation March 06, 2017
eLogBook has received its official entry in DADMS, the Department of the Navy's Applications and Database Management System.  DADMS is the registry of Navy and USMC systems and as such is the authoritative source for Navy IT applications and databases.  eLogBook has been determined to be part of the Navy's Logistics & Readiness Family of Systems.

eLogBook is an electronic software framework and user interface within which reside various logs into which ships personnel can log various actions and conditions.  The US Navy currently logs information via paper logs.  eLogBook will replace these paper logs.  The eLogBook framework creates a common data model between disparate logs which enables the data being created to be normalized and for integration of data between logs.  This means that entries in one log will automatically or based upon alerts drive entries in related log(s).  eLogBook offers a common user interface, leading to ease of use and a limited need for training.  Within the overall framework, individual logging modules can be added as required. 

The use of eLogBook benefits a variety of shipboard and shore-based activities and business processes.  eLogBook replaces the shipboard business process of using paper to log operational, environmental, equipment and other activities.  The initial electronic logs will be for Deck Logs, Engineering Logs and Daily Fuel & Water measurements.  Current processes are based upon manual entry of log information.  eLogBook increases speed and accuracy of data entry while meeting the legal requirements for creating, maintaining and submitting logs per governing regulations and policy.  Specifically, the Deck Log portion of eLogBook complies with OPNAV Instruction 3100.7C.  Each log supports a different aspect of the Navy mission and as a combined set of data supports a number of secondary business process. 

eLogBook will be the legal record and data source for the Naval History Heritage Command.  The data from the logs will be used on board ship and ashore by activities beyond the legal record and by external systems for analysis including Energy Management, Mission Planning, Lifecycle Support, and S&T planning.

eLogBook is a successful transitions of SBIR developed technology.  SBIR is the Federal Government's seed investment fund; the Small Business Innovation Research Program.