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Beacon Wins Fleet Forces Award for HSI Performance September 30, 2011

This certificate is awarded to BEACON INTERACTIVE SYSTEMS for exceptional superior support of US Fleet Forces Command, Deputy Chief of Staff, Fleet Maintenance (N43) Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM) initiative.

The Beacon Interactive Systems Team distinguished themselves with exceptional superior service as the developers of the TurboWork and Electronic Tag-Out applications from 2009 to 2011. The outstanding professional skill, leadership, and ceaseless efforts of the Beacon Interactive Systems Team resulted in major contributions to the effectiveness and success of the MFOM Program and the Fleet user. Applying extensive knowledge and substantial Human System Integration (HSI) experience, they aggressively pursued and resolved countless challenges leading to the successful development of an innovative HSI solution for the MFOM Program. Focusing on the integration of repeatable human actions into the Fleet maintenance process, the Beacon Interactive Systems Team significantly improved the MFOM user's situational awareness, accuracy and timeliness. These accomplishments have contributed directly to MFOM's successful integration approach for meeting the needs of the Fleet maintenance community.

The distinctive accomplishments of the Beacon Interactive Systems Team reflect great credit upon Beacon Interactive Systems, and were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.

J.L. Zumbro
MFOM Program Manager