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eTagOut Receives Navy Program Designation May 20, 2016
eTagOut has received its official entry in DADMS, the Department of the Navy's Applications and Database Management System.  DADMS is the registry of Navy and USMC systems and as such is the authoritative source for Navy IT applications and databases.  eTagOut has been determined to be part of the Navy's Logistics & Readiness Family of Systems.

eTagOut is a software application that provides electronic tagout capabilities onboard US Navy ships.  As part of the overall maintenance process, it has been designed and built to manage the workflow of planning, hanging, removing and auditing physical safety tags.  eTagOut encapsulates US Navy policy for maintenance safety.  In addition to its safety and maintenance functions, as part of the Maintenance Figure of Merit (MFOM) suite of applications it provides input to DRRS-N for readiness reporting.  It can also run in stand-alone mode when necessary with data accessible via a shore-based installation.

eTagOut is part of the Integrated Maintenance & Logistics capability that is available for every ship.  The software is in the critical path for all maintenance actions and includes the entire process workflow for ensuring that US Navy regulations and policy are followed.  In addition, it supports several applications in the MFOM suite critical to the calculation for shipboard readiness and the Maintenance Figure of Merit.

eTagOut is a successful transitions of SBIR developed technology.  SBIR is the Federal Government's seed investment fund; the Small Business Innovation Research Program.