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Operational Logging
Beacon’s Operational Logging solutions enable organizations to bring together every logging and list-making chore under one umbrella. By capturing data as it happens electronically instead of on paper or in a spreadsheet, quality, consistency, and increased speed become possible. Our “smart” logging capability provides notifications and alerts across organizational boundaries leading to a more accurate in-the-moment picture of operations.
  • Logging routines made easier
  • Improves quality through standardized log actions
  • Improves Speed and Accuracy
  • Operational visibility across the organization
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Common Data Model
Structured data easily accessed
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“Smart” Logging
Workflow, rules, and alerts
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Cross Log Integration
Share common data across logs
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Reduces training required
Everyone wants to know what is going on. As we look across organizations, however, much of the information that can be used to inform is instead locked in paper, and more often than not in piles of books. Beacon’s approach to operational logging is to capture this wealth of information and make it talk. Link it up and use it to inform across the organization. An integrated approach means that related logs can inform personnel and reduce redundant entries while providing alarms and suggestions. With information from day-to-day operations easily integrated to people and systems, there is greater insight, analysis, and improved decision-making.
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