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Shipboard Maintenance
A significant amount of time and effort is spent on shipboard maintenance. This is work that is accomplished under the harshest of conditions yet is critical to the performance of the US Navy. Beacon’s maintenance solutions bring together a set of modular capabilities to provide the right resources to the right person at the right time, enabling the maintainer to efficiently perform a corrective action. From planning an integrated PMS check to performing the required safety tag-out actions, Beacon’s products bring together people, processes and data in real time to reduce labor and support costs and increase equipment uptime and mission readiness.
  • Provides contextual end user support with real-time resources
  • Incorporates individualized demand based training
  • Capture operational performance metrics for future analysis
  • Mitigate safety risks and equipment downtime
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Multiple Inputs
Combines sensors, operations, processes and personnel
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Continuous Analysis
What does the maintainer need at the point of performance
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Contextual Work Environments
Task specific, workflow, collaboration, data capture
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Flexible Actions
Enable actions in the field and at the depot
Equipment maintenance for the US Navy depends upon the interplay of a number of independent variables. Each of these activities must come together in order for a maintainer onboard a ship to perform well. Our solutions seamlessly integrate information such as equipment failures and operating condition in order to help plan activities. Once a maintainer is on the job, the ability to use a hand held device to bring this information to bear at the point of performance creates efficiency. In the end, maintenance is as much about situational awareness and mission assurance as it is about the details of fixing equipment. It is Beacon’s holistic approach to this interwoven process that has led to a successful set of products.
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