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Shipboard Energy Management
The ability of our war fighters to accomplish the mission at hand drives the need for tools that address energy availability. Our Energy solutions are designed to increase operational flexibility and situational awareness and match need with availability in order to increase mission performance. Our systems collect energy usage and operational data throughout the ship and create an understanding of where, why and how energy is being used enabling shipboard personnel to make decisions and take actions to positively influence mission outcomes.
  • Real-time visual insight into energy availability, distribution and need
  • Real-time data & analysis enabling positive impacts on mission planning
  • Advice given the operating, equipment, and environmental conditions
  • Flexible enough to connect sensors, analog data, models, and heuristics
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Data Integration
Comprehensive aggregation of operational data picture
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Continuous Analysis
Real-time discovery of situational status and trends
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Actively Inform
Maintenance, Human Actions, Policy and Investment
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Situational Awareness
What is happening at the point of performance that affects the mission
Beacon’s initial Shipboard Energy Management solution was developed in order to overcome the mission, operational and system complexity of U.S. Navy surface combatants where energy availability is mission critical. Over time, the concept of energy as a strategic capability for Mission Assurance has evolved. In support of the CNO, Beacon is participating in the Navy’s Great Green Fleet Exercise of 2016.
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