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Collaborative Work Management
Communicating and Collaborating across an organization can be chaos. Emails, phone calls, documents, meetings and spreadsheets can overwhelm the process. Beacon's Collaborative Work Management solutions tame this chaos. Use it to break down silos and bring teams together in a contextual and collaborative day-to-day work environment. People will know what to do, will have the tools to do it and then be able to capture the results of work. Our solutions combine collaboration and process workflow with data and document management, all in a people-driven environment.
  • Break down barriers across the organization
  • Seamless collaboration between individuals and teams
  • Capture and retain domain expertise and tribal knowledge
  • Informed decision-making and insight across the organization
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Cohesive Collaboration
Increase communication and sharing across the organization
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Contextual Work Environment
Contextual and personalized to what I do and who I do it with
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Human Data Interface
An easy way to connect people, processes and information
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Decision Support
Visibility of integrated knowledge across the organization
Every organization is different – different people, missions, products and approaches. One thing in common, however, is the need to act as a team to accomplish a goal. Our solutions provide the underlying gears to make this happen, from Idea to Success. At Beacon, we build technology that supports the people who are going to use it. Whether a sales person in the field, a maintainer in the shop or the back office coordinating schedules, what matters are people. Collaborating around content, processes and outcomes drives improved performance, consistency, timeliness, accuracy, and reliability.
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