Our Clients

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In keeping with the Company's tradition of delivering tools for the sailor, Beacon has worked closely with US Fleet Forces in developing several capabilities for maintenance, safety, logging and energy management.

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Through the SBIR Program, Beacon has been working with PEO IWS in the areas of Energy Management, CBM+ and Operational data analysis. The focus is on enabling the future of energy-directed weapons.

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PEO Ships

Beacon has won several SBIR contracts through PEO Ships, and has been able to leverage these investments in several areas. These investments have led to several products, including TurboWork and eTagOut as well as the exploration of our energy management framework.

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Beacon has won several SBIR contracts under the auspices of NAVSEA for providing Maintenance, Energy Management and Program Management solutions to various Program Executive Offices.

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Based upon Beacon’s SBIR-developed product T3, Beacon successfully deployed and supported an SBIR Program Management Capability for over 700 users that was responsible for authoring over 1,000 SBIR Topics over the past five years.

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Beacon has worked with NAVWAR on several projects including the Test & Evaluation of eTagOut for delivery to the Fleet and on a Test & Evaluation tool for networked systems.

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Northrop Grumman

Beacon was part of Northrop Grumman's DD(X) Team focused on Maintenance and Mission Readiness. We provided Subject Matter Expertise as well as delivered several prototype systems based upon our SBIR-developed technology. Our focus was on providing visibility to the work process.

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Beacon has participated in the Navy SBIR Program since 2002. SBIR Program investments in Beacon have a track record of successful Transition to Navy Programs and SBIR continues to be an engine of innovation for the Company.

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Beacon has worked on several projects with the Office of Naval Research, including Maintenance and Program Management solutions.

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Beacon worked with several Prime Contractor Teams as part of the DDG 1000 Design effort. Leveraging our SBIR work, Beacon promoted using innovative technology in order to add efficiency and visibility to the maintenance process. We also participated in designing the Mission Readiness approach for the platform.

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Beacon was part of the DD(X) Design Team, focused on providing expertise in designing work performance solutions for shipboard maintenance. Beacon personnel were instrumental in contributing to the efficiencies incorporated into the design of this optimally manned ship.

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Beacon designed and built a large online user community for IBM technologies. It combined collaboration tools and product information for development teams across North America, coinciding with national and local events to provide visibility and connectivity.